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What is Healthcare?

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What is Healthcare?

Roles of health insurance and multi specialty hospital
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In the present day, healthcare has come to mean every aspect, service and device for taking care of your health. 

Healthcare is not a thing at all to be given, bought or sold, but an entire ecosystem with many unique moving parts that are only connected by virtue of the existence of the patients. Each patient, having individual needs, will have a landscape that suits the needs of their own health, and one that will change with time. While Indian have a need for good health, they have a right to choose the ecosystem that suits their own needs. 

The larger healthcare landscape includes all goods, services, and payment mechanisms for achieving and maintaining one’s health. It includes, but is not limited to: physician offices, hospitals, labs, radiology centers, physical therapy offices, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, and now health insurance companies, group purchasing organizations, pharmacy benefit managers, corporate healthcare systems, and combinations of insurance/PBM/pharmacy and much more. All of these entities are not necessary in each healthcare interaction for a patient. In 100 percent of interactions, insurance has inserted itself. For simpler interactions, insurance serves to keep costs hidden and high.  

Health insurance was initially an inexpensive stop-gap/stop-loss measure to help individuals mitigate expensive life-threatening health risk expenses, like those caused by disease and trauma. Now, through years of government intervention, law and “health policy,” health insurance has become bloated, expensive, inefficient and difficult to access and use.  Health insurance has integrated itself into becoming the definition of healthcare after being advantaged by the government. Health insurance is neither health nor healthcare, but only a third-party payment mechanism.

When you have government-sponsored taxpayer-paid health insurance, government entities and their paid third-party administrators decide what you can and cannot have. When you have employer-sponsored health insurance, the employer “buys” the policy with money that you’ve earned or merited for your compensation package. In this case, both the employer and paid third parties get to decide what you can and cannot have. See how both scenarios further divorce the patient from choice and from the physician or other care entities?

Free market principles have not failed healthcare, but healthcare hasn’t been permitted to naturally utilize the free market in almost a century.  (Not too surprisingly, due to federal and state government laws and policies, many aspects of the healthcare ecosystem have been skewed, cancelled or downright outlawed. The patient-physician healing relationship has been all but destroyed by third parties. How can an individual pick and choose for themselves if the government and third parties are paying? They can’t. There’s the rub for all who advocate socialized medicine, government single-payer, employer-based health insurance, or anything but the first-party transaction of the patient choosing and paying the caregiver directly.

Healthcare in Real World

So “healthcare”- all the industries, interests, products and services that make up the ecosystem-must be permitted by government to embrace the efficiency and fairness of the free market. Patients only become smart, healthy, thrifty consumers when they experience, learn and grow while choosing and buying their own goods and services. The free market responds to needs and wants by providing these goods and services with outstanding quality, efficiency and various price options. Quality goes up and price comes down through free market competition, not government edict. All patients, governments, and all of, so-called, “healthcare,” would benefit from direct free market competition. Freewill and freedom will take care of the rest, naturally.   

So, let’s not use the word “healthcare,” as it is far too broad.  People keep getting it confused with insurance “coverage.”

There’s health insurance, which should be called sickness insurance. And medical care, which is what physicians do. People have to be responsible to take care of their own health with their own unique value systems. 

Over the past 20 years, hospitals have entered many markets previously serviced exclusively by private practice physician groups, either by hiring individual physicians or acquiring entire practices. These developments have changed many health care markets, often to the detriment of physicians. For independent physician groups, this means three things:

  1. Hospitals are now their major competitors.
  2. Referrals may dry up as hospitals that employ large numbers of primary care physicians steer referrals in-house.
  3. Access to hospitals and other key facilities essential to running their practice may be cut off as retaliation for competing effectively.

This does not mean that hospitals and physicians are locked in mortal combat from which the only one will emerge. In many instances, it can be beneficial for independent physician groups and hospitals to work together.

Healthcare in Pune

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So, the next time you wonder – What is healthcare? or What is healthcare in real? – turn to healthcare nt sickcare!

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The post What is Healthcare? appeared first on healthcare nt sickcare™.



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