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Premarital Test

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Premarital Test

With health awareness on the rise, people all over are becoming more cautious in selecting life partners. Our pre-marital health check addresses all concerns of your loved one’s overall well-being and health so that there is nothing to eclipse such a beautiful beginning to your life. The Package includes the following tests.

Premarital Blood Test

A premarital test is a test that offers a crucial health assessment of soon-to-be-married couples in which they are tested for genetic, infectious and transmissible diseases to prevent any risk of transmitting any disease to each other and their children.

Marriage is considered a remarkable event in a couple’s life, as they plan to start a family, and through which they usher in a new stage in terms of building emotional, social, familial, and healthy relationships.

Premarital testing programs should educate couples, providing accurate and unbiased information. Family background, hereditary factors, age, diet, exercise, weight management, and addictions all contribute to the bigger picture.

For couples considering marriage, pre-marital screening helps identify potential health problems and risks for themselves and also their offspring. It is vital for couples to be screened in order to aid them to understand their genetics and help them take the necessary precautions or treatments.

Why Pre Marital Test Done?

  • Gauge the positive health status of the prospective bride and groom
  • Detect infectious diseases – Hepatitis B infection, HIV, HCV, and other sexually transmitted diseases
  • Identify carriers of genetic disorders, in order to assess the risk of having children with a severe form of the disease. The couple can then choose whether or not to have an affected child. e.g. Thalassemia, Haemophilia and Sickle Cell Disease
Premarital Test List
  • Complete Hemogram
  • Blood Sugar Random
  • HIV (I&II) Rapid
  • HBsAg Rapid
  • Anti HCV Qualitative
  • VDRL For Syphilis
  • Blood Group with RH  Typing
  • Thyroid – 3 Profile
  • Hb Electrophoresis
Pre Marriage Blood Test Recommended For;

Recommended for the couple contemplating marriage who would like to know the individual partner’s health status and their compatibility from a scientific point of view. To look for certain hereditary disorders where both the partners may have the same problem but are only carriers of the disease and are asymptomatic but by coming together their offsprings might have the probability of developing the disease and symptoms.

Age Group (Recommended)

18 years and above

Here are a few things that you need to find out before you take the plunge! This is a new exciting journey. It is best enjoyed when you guys know about each other’s health. Once you tie the knot, there is no looking back.


  • Overnight fasting is not required
  • Doctor’s prescription not required
  • Previous Medical History May Be Required
  • Do inform your doctor prior to the test if you are on medications.
  • Read FAQ and test details below

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The post Premarital Test appeared first on healthcare nt sickcare™.



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