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Progesterone Test

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Progesterone Test

Progesterone is a hormone synthesized by the ovary. Its level is low in the follicular phase but increases to 10 – 40 mg/day during the luteal phase and <_300 mg/day if pregnancy occurs. This test is useful to help determine the cause of infertility, track ovulation. It also helps diagnose an ectopic or failing pregnancy, monitor the health of a pregnancy, and help diagnose the cause of abnormal uterine bleeding.

What is Progesterone?

Progesterone is a type of hormone found in the body of both men and women. It is responsible to maintain the health of your fertility. Women have a higher concentration of progesterone as compared to men, as it is produced in the ovaries in the case of females.

Progesterone Hormone in Male And Females

The hormone serves different purposes for males and females. In men, progesterone supports sperm generation whereas, in women, the hormone supports the fertilization process and keeps uterus ready for the same. In the case of expecting women, the hormone holds the fetus in place by creating a thick protective lining around the fertilized eggs.

Progesterone Hormone in Male

The serum progesterone test calculates the amount of progesterone in your system by analyzing your blood samples. The required range of progesterone for men and women varies as the quantity in both differs.

Progesterone Hormone in Female

In women, the hormone progesterone manages your menstrual cycle. It makes your reproductive system ready for you to get pregnant during your ovulation period. During pregnancy, the levels of progesterone rise. These extra generated hormones create a protective layer around your baby as well as prepares your breasts to produce milk. Although, the levels of this hormone vary for different trimesters of pregnancy.

Moreover, during the menstrual cycle, alteration of progesterone levels is observed. Hence, doctors may prescribe the LH test (Luteinizing hormone test), thyroid test, FSH test, and hCG test along with the progesterone test.

If you do not conceive in your ovulation period, the amount of progesterone generated drops accordingly. However, the hormones notify you when your periods begin.

When progesterone level varies?

Your body produces a higher amount of progesterone if you are suffering from:

  • Adrenal hyperplasia – A congenital group of diseases that disturb the functioning of your adrenal glands
  • Adrenal cancer – Cancer that originates at your adrenal glands
  • Ovarian cancer – Cancer cells attacking the cells of your ovaries

Your body produces a lower amount of progesterone for the following reasons:

  • Ovulation failure
  • Miscarriage condition
  • Unusual or abnormal/lack of menstruation
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Death of your fetus

Progesterone Blood Test


  • Overnight fasting is not required
  • Doctor’s prescription may be need
  • Previous Medical History May Be Required
  • Do inform your doctor prior to the test if you are on medications.
  • Read FAQ and test details below

Progesterone Test

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The post Progesterone Test appeared first on healthcare nt sickcare™.



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