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Androstenedione Test

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Androstenedione Test

Androstenedione is a C-19 (19 carbon atoms) steroid hormone found in men as well as in premenopausal women. Androstenedione is a steroid sex hormone which originates in the gonads, with a minor contribution from the adrenal glands (1.5-3 mg/day); in postmenopausal women, the adrenal gland constitutes the major source of this hormone. This test is used when steroid abuse is suspected and also when women are suspected of virilizing syndromes i.e. a condition where females develop male sexual characteristics due to high testosterone levels in them.

What is Androstenedione Test?

Androstenedione test is an automated blood test to measure the level of Androstenedione in our blood. It is performed to confirm various cases of Amenorrhea, Hirsutism, Infertility, and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Even during and after the treatment of Amenorrhea, Hirsutism, Infertility, and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome; this test is useful. This test is done under various names such as Androstenedione (A4) Blood, 4- Androstenedione, Serum A4 Blood, Androstenedione (A4), Serum A4. Androstenedione is secret mainly by the adrenal gland and production is partially controlled by the ACTH hormone. Androstenedione is a main sex- steroid antecedent.

Serum Androstenedione Test Result

The normal values for the Androstenedione test will give Androstenedione > 100 ng/dl for the female gender of all age groups. Increased test levels indicate an increase in adrenal or gonadal androgen production. Mildly increased levels in adults are usually idiopathic or show association with conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) in women and the use of androstenedione supplements in men and women. However, values greater than or equal to 500 ng/dL can suggest the presence of an androgen-secreting adrenal more commonly known as gonadal-tumor.

Why Androstenedione Test Advised?

The test helps diagnose the causes of high testosterone (male sex hormone) in women, routine health screenings, and suspected disease or toxicity. To see the progress of a medication or treatment plan. Suspected cases of virilizing syndromes in women suspected anabolic steroid abuse may be used along with 17-OH progesterone to diagnose CAH Management of CAH.

Common diagnoses and symptoms that are associated with androstenedione are early puberty, a virilizing syndrome in females, and relapse of the menstrual cycle in post-menopausal women.

Androstenedione Blood Test


  • Overnight fasting may not be required
  • Doctor’s prescription
  • Previous medical report and test history may be needed
  • The normal reference range may vary depending on gender, age, health history, etc.
  • Read FAQ

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The post Androstenedione Test appeared first on healthcare nt sickcare™.



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