Friday, March 22, 2019

5 Incredible Licorice (Mulethi) Tea Benefits

There must be some reason why each time you are down with cold, your mother would suggest you drink some soothing kadha made of mulethi and other healing spices. Chewing on mulethi sticks is an age-old remedy to soothe sore throat and cold. But, there is a lot more to liquorice than just that. Licorice is famous for its antioxidant properties, which can do wonders for your heart health; it is known to keep your blood pressure in check. It is also a good bet to support healthy liver and soothe an upset tummy. Diabetics too can consider making it a part of their diet. The spice contains antidiabetic properties - there are some studies that have also claimed that small amounts of liquorice could help prevent sugar cravings. 
One of the most trusted ways to make most of the licorice is to brew them in a hot tea.

Here are some purported benefits of the same. 
1. Soothe Cold And Cough
Liquorice is packed with antibacterial and antiviral compounds that help keep seasonal infections at bay. Licorice can help heal chest congestion, thin mucous and help you breathe normally. It is also rich in anti-inflammatory properties that help heal a scratchy throat and all the discomfort that comes with it.  Make sure you have the tea warm. 

2.  Dental Health
"Licorice tea is also good for maintaining dental health; try gargling with cool tea," notes the boom 'Healing Foods', by DK Publishing House. The antibacterial properties of liquorice root prevent formation of dental plaque. 

3. Boosts Immunity
Mulethi can do wonders for your immunity naturally. The enzymes present in the root, stimulates production of lymphocytes and macrophages that protect the body from microbes, pollutants, allergens and boost your immunity naturally.

4. Manages Blood Sugar
Diabetics need to be extra careful of what they include in their diet; liquorice root may help prevent blood sugar spikes. According to American Diabetes Association, the root of licorice is packed with amorfrutins, which have many anti-inflammatory properties that help keep diabetes-related conditions at bay. 

5. Good For Digestion
Struggling with indigestion? Bring mulethi to your rescue. Drinking liquorice tea could help soothe your upset tummy and even cure nausea. Liquorice root has active compounds glycyrrhizin and carbenoxolone that are renowned to relieve constipation, stomach discomfort, heartburn and acidity.
You can steep a handful of mulethi sticks in boiling hot water to make your tea more powerful; moreover, you can also include other herbs like ginger and black pepper. 
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