Saturday, February 9, 2019

Healthy Eating Tips – Celebrity trainer Praveen Nair

Here are some tips shared by Praveen Nair to create a relationship with healthy eating;

Eat Often: Nair says that one should eat every two hours if they are training. "Do not let your body get to the point where you are ravenous and will eat anything in sight." He advice carrying healthy snacks like fruit, trail mix, etc., to beat temptation.

Eat Fresh: Praveen Nair says that we should all include more whole fruits, veggies and whole grains in our diets. "These foods contain fibre, which will take longer to digest keeping you full longer", he says in his Instagram post, adding that these foods can also help in keeping you alert and active.

Cheat Date: Praveen Nair encourages people to make a date with their cheat meals, rather than depriving themselves of their favourite indulgences. "Letting yourself cheat one day will actually make you want to eat healthier the rest of the week", he says.

Sleep Properly: Establishing a link between unhealthy eating and improper sleep, Nair says, "The lack of sleep or too much sleep can make you feel even more tired causing you to eat more junk food to get energy, increase caffeine intake and decrease physical activity."

Don't Diet: Contrary to popular belief, dieting for weight loss's sake may not leave you feeling very healthy. Time and again, experts and nutritionists have warned against excessively restrictive diets. Nair seemingly agrees with this belief as he says, "Avoid dieting. Tell yourself that you are eating healthy to improve your lifestyle habits."

Well, now that you've heard it straight from the horse's mouth, guess you're going to start on your fitness plan right away!

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