Wednesday, February 20, 2019

5 Easy Hacks To Improve Digestion Naturally

Digestion is defined as the process of breaking down the food we eat for energy and nutrition. It is one of the most crucial body functions that we often take for granted. After all, we know a plethora of trusted remedies to fix an upset tummy, so what is the need to worry at all?  But did you know indigestion, constipation, IBS and other such digestive disorders can take a severe toll on your overall health and may impact your other organs as well? Poor digestion is linked to poor energy levels, disrupted bowel movements stress, poor gut and liver health, and is even known to induce weight gain. Healthy eating habits are a key component of healthy digestion. Bingeing on fatty foods, laden with trans-fats on a regular basis is a strict no-no. Ditching aerated sodas and beverages is also a good idea. 
1. Fibre-Rich Food: Include plenty of fibre-rich fruits and vegetables in your diet like apple, plums, spinach, oats, nuts etc. Fibre-rich foods are excellent for the gastrointestinal tract. Fibre adds bulk to stool and aid bowel regularity. 
2. Chew Your Food Properly: Wolfing down your food in a hurry may take a toll on your digestive system. Eat your food slowly, chew it well. This helps the better breakdown of food and aid smoother digestion. According to Ayurveda, eating food in a hurry is said to be a bad dietary practice as it upsets the digestive Agni.
3. Include More Fluids In your Diet: Drinking enough water and staying hydrated is imperative for smooth digestion. Drinking fluids ensure smoother elimination of digested waste through the system. Dehydration can take a toll on your bowel movement. Along with water, you can also drink some healthy detox waters or herbal drinks like ginger tea or amla tea. 
4. Have More Probiotics: Probiotics are foods that help boost the growth of good bacteria in your gut. A healthy gut is linked to better digestion and even weight loss. Some of the best probiotic foods you can add to your diet are curd, kefir and kimchi.
5. Stick To Your Meal Timings: If you are used to eating your dinner around a certain time, make sure you stick to it all through the week. Erratic meal schedules can also hamper your digestive system in a long run. Try to sit down for breakfast, lunch and dinner around the same time each day. 
So, what are you waiting for? Follow these easy tips and improve digestion naturally. 
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