Thursday, January 31, 2019

Dry Ginger Sweets To Boost Immunity During Winters

Winters are a time to enjoy hot beverages while being cocooned in warm blankets near heaters. Winter season comes with a whole lot of reasons to enjoy warm and soothing beverages and foods. As the chill increases, we all crave hot foods that can maintain our body temperatures and generate heat in our bodies naturally. Thankfully, Indian kitchens and Indian cooking techniques are both-well stocked with warming ingredients and foods to drive away the winter chill. One of the most deliciously flavourful ingredients available in India and that is widely used in Indian dishes is ginger. The root spice is a common feature in Asian delicacies. The fresh spice is added to dishes for adding taste and flavour, but the powdered form of ginger is equally popular.

Ginger powder, or sonth, is used in a number of sweets and savouries. It not only enhances the flavour but also makes them more nutritious. Sonth is also made into ladoos in Indian households and are consumed during winters.

1. Boosts Immunity: Ginger powder has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, due to which it is extensively used during winters to improve immunity.

2. Relieves Cold And Sore Throat: Consuming fresh ginger and ginger powder can help combat cold and sore throat during winters.
3. Prevents Gas And Other Digestive Troubles: Consuming sonth during winters can keep gas, flatulence and other digestive ailments at bay

How To Make Sonth Ke Ladoo For Winters
Sonth ke ladoo are very easy to prepare. You need whole wheat flour, ghee (for cooking), ginger powder, coconut, sugar (to taste), cardamom powder for flavouring and packing in extra warmth, and finally some nuts for adding extra crunch to the ladoos. Nuts also add to the energy-boosting benefits of the ladoos and also promote satiety.

Follow these steps to make sonth ke ladoos for winters;
1. Add whole wheat flour to heated ghee in a kadhai. Fry the whole wheat flour till it turns golden brown.
2. Remove the flour from heat. Take some water in a separate pan and heat it with sugar, till the sugar dissolves.
3. Add the sugar syrup to the flour, along with sonth or ginger powder, cardamom powder and grated or powdered nuts.
4. Mix all the ingredients well and pack them into ladoos. Decorate with silver leaves (optional).
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