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Use These Natural-Ingredient Face Masks For Dry, Oily And Normal Skin

Use These Natural-Ingredient Face Masks For Dry, Oily And Normal Skin

For Dry Skin
If you happen to have a dry skin, then the first and foremost thing to do is to keep it hydrated internally and externally. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Include lots of dairy products in your diet like milk, cheese, yogurt and clarified butter! Yes, you read that right! Add ghee to your dal, rice, chapattis, etc. If you have a dry skin, add dry fruits to your diet like almonds, walnuts, raisins, figs and cashews. Flaxseeds can turn out to be quite beneficial as well. Avocado is great for your skin and you should eat it and apply it on face to reap its maximum benefits. Here's a wonderful dry skin mask that you can use twice a week-
·         Half mashed avocado
·         1 tsp honey
·         Paste of 2 walnuts and 2 almonds
Mix all the ingredients with milk and apply to cleaned skin. Leave for 15 minutes. Wash off with cold water and pat dry.

Another wonderful way of bringing glow to dry skin is to massage it with 1 tsp of almond oil mixed with honey. Apart from this, drink warm honey lemon water everyday first thing in the morning as it not only clears your system but also brings a glow to your skin. Chironji, which is extensively used in mithais, along with ground aniseed and three whole marigold buds, make for an excellent mask for dry skin. Not only does it reduces blemishes but also moisturises the skin to a great extent.

For Oily Skin
If you have an oily skin, then be careful about what you eat and try and focus more on raw foods and lightly cooked food, which is steamed, grilled or even baked. You diet should include lots of salad sticks, yogurt dips, hummus and fresh fruits. I recommend at least three oranges a day for all brides to build up their immunity levels and also to increase their Vitamin C intake, which will eventually help in clarifying the skin.
Water is your skin's ambrosia and 10 to 12 glasses of water is recommended for consumption besides cooling chaach, coconut water, vegetable juices, etc. Avoid fried foods, heavy gravy foods, and sweets.
You can make the following masks to reduce oiliness and make your skin glow:
·         2 tsp fuller's earth
·         1 tsp fresh mint paste
·         A pinch of camphor
·         Rose water to mix to a smooth paste
Not only is this mask excellent for increasing blood circulation but it also has anti-bacterial properties that will help reduce oiliness, dissuade pimples and acne and porcelain your skin. Use it three times a week.
Keep your skin clean and oil free at all times. For this, it is important that you wipe your skin with rose water several times a day.

Another super mask is made from the following-
·         2 tsp basil paste
·         2 tsp fuller's earth
·         2 tsp sandalwood powder
·         1 grated raw potato
Mix well all the above mentioned ingredients and apply to the skin for 15 minutes. This will help reduce the tan and oiliness and the natural starch in the potato will help tighten your skin, giving it a younger and more youthful look.

For Normal Skin
Be wise and take on a regular skin care programme. Massage with 2 tsp of either honey or yoghurt and wash off after 5-7 minutes. This will keep the skin well hydrated and moisturised. You could use the following mask cum scrub for improving your skin's texture-
·         2 tsp rice powder
·         1 tsp sandalwood powder
·         1 tsp rose petal paste
·         1 tsp fresh aloe vera
·         1 tsp lemon peel powder
  1. Mix the ingredients with cold milk and apply to the skin until it is semi-dry. Dab with rose water, scrub gently and wash off with cold water.
  2. If you have a normal skin type, do not neglect your diet and continue to have lots of fruits and green leafy vegetable. Include soups, healthy homemade broths and stews in your diet. Eat light but healthy.
  3. Another super face mask for pre-bridal skin care is the flower power mask that I highly recommend to brides-to-be. Not only does your skin feel and look wonderful but you will feel luxurious and pampered at the same time as well.
·         2 tsp ground frangipani
·         2 tsp fresh rose petal paste
·         2 tsp calendula petal paste
·         2 tsp mashed papaya
·         5 saffron strands
·         1 tsp china clay
A little amount of cold milk is enough to make a smooth paste. Apply the mask onto clean skin and leave on for 15 minutes. Wash off gently and pat dry.
Enjoy the wedding madness and most of all enjoy pampering yourself. Bring these face masks to your rescue and get going.

(Source NDTV Food)

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