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Winter Health Tips: Benefits And Easy Ways Of Staying Hydrated During Winters

Winter Health Tips: Benefits And Easy Ways Of Staying Hydrated During Winters

Winters are here and while we're all looking forward to the feasting and snuggling, it is important to take care of health as well. Like any other season, winter also demands special dietary and lifestyle adjustments to prepare the body for the cold weather. Staying hydrated may not look like an important thing to do during winters, as we don't lose a lot of sweat during cold weather. But as in summers, drinking enough water and retaining it in the body is important during winters as well. Staying hydrated may seem like an easy enough thing to do during winters, but it may not be so for a number of reasons. For one, dehydration is much less noticeable during winters, than it is during summers as you don't notice how much sweat you've lost under all those layers of clothing.

For another, the dryness in the air may dehydrate our bodies quicker than we can imagine and most often we don't even feel thirsty, so our need for adequate water may remain unmet. The effects of dehydration may be subtle and hence, less noticeable during winters, but it's important to work pre-emptively to replenish the fluid reserves of the body, in order to avoid any physical discomfort in the future.

Here are some health benefits of drinking adequate water during winters:

1. Temperature Regulation: Water helps regulate the body temperature, during both summers and winters. Staying hydrated may be a sure shot way to stay warm internally and prevent conditions like hypothermia.
2. Boosting Immunity: The cold and dry air may sap your body of energy, making you feel sluggish and even making you more susceptible to cold and flu. Stay hydrated to boost immunity and protect your body from illnesses.
3. Regulating Weight: When you're hydrated, your body is more capable of breaking down fats, effectively regulating body weight.
4. Boosting Skin Health: Drinking adequate water is one of the first things any beauty expert will suggest to you for skin health. During winters, it's essential to stay hydrated to prevent dry and dull skin.

How To Stay Hydrated During Winters
1. Drink Warm/Room Temperature Water: After exercising during winters or even generally, one should drink beverages or water which is at room temperature. This is because cold water/liquids get absorbed faster in the body.
2. Eat Fruits/Veggies With High Water Content: Eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables with high water content is also a great way to stay hydrated. Load up on strawberries, oranges, pineapple, lettuce, celery, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, cucumber, etc.
3. Limit Consumption of Alcohol/Caffeine: Although it's extremely tempting to indulge in hot teas, coffees and alcohol during winters, both alcohol and caffeine may dehydrate your body, so excessive consumption of both is not recommended.
4. Eat More Soups/Broths: Salty foods like soups and broths are healthy and may help in retaining water in the body. They also have the added advantage of warming you up from the inside.

So now you know! Have a happy and hydrated winter 2018.

(Source NDTV Food)

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