Monday, November 5, 2018

Few diet secrets of the Indian Cricketers you may love to steal

Few diet secrets of the Indian Cricketers you may love to steal

1. Virat Kohli recently turned vegan. It must be recalled that his wife and actress Anushka Sharma, who also happens to be an avid animal rights enthusiast, also turned a vegetarian two years ago. Virat, who used to rely heavily on animal protein for his muscles until very recently, made a move towards a vegan diet couple of months ago and feels that it has helped his game. Kohli's current diet includes protein shakes, vegetables and soya. He has given up eggs and dairy products. 
2. Cricketers eats multiple small meals through the day, as opposed to big meals. They loves to indulge in a lot of seasonal and fresh fruits, and dragon fruit, papaya and watermelon are some of their favourites.
3. On 'Breakfast With Champions', a show hosted by anchor and actor Gaurav Kapur, Kohli admitted that he often carries his own collection of nut butters that he has with gluten-free breads.
4. Cricketers are big fans of green tea, an obsession they passed on to their teammates too. They consume over 3-4 cups of green tea with hint lemon through the day.
5. Green tea is not the only way they keep themself hydrated. They also drinks a lot of vegetable broths and soups made of fresh veggies like spinach and beetroot. They also eats a lot of grilled veggies. 
Stay healthy and enjoy! Happy Diwali!
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