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National Nutrition Week 2018

National Nutrition Week 2018

Begins from September 1 and will run through September 7. This week is observed in order to raise concerns about the importance of good nutrition and healthy eating. With processed and packaged foods along with sugary and high-salted foods, nutrition on the plate has reduced drastically. No wonder why so many health experts are talking about the importance of eating healthy and traditional foods which are nutritious for the body. It is often said that every time you eat, think that you are nourishing your body. And junk and sugary foods hardly come with any kind of nutrition. With rising incidence of obesity, it has become all the more the important to have occasions like National Nutrition Week and increase awareness about nutritious foods and ways to include more healthy foods in the diet.

 National Nutrition Week Theme


The theme of National Nutrition Week 2018 is Go Further With Food. The idea is to choose what you eat very wisely. Try to include as many nutritious foods in your diet as possible. These should mostly by naturally growing wholesome foods which can make up for your daily nutrient requirement. Also, on National Nutrition Week, you should work towards spreading awareness about making informed food choices in order to achieve a healthier society at a more holistic level.

National Nutrition Week history


The National Nutrition Week was first observed in the year 1982 by the central government. The campaign was started in order to spread awareness about nutrition and encourage people to adopt a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. In a developing country like India, malnutrition is one of the major hurdles which come in the way. It was for curbing malnourishment that National Nutrition Week became an annual event. In order to achieve a goal of nourished India, the Food and Nutrition Board includes 43 units which work collectively.

National Nutrition Week Objectives

On National Nutrition Week 2018, the idea is to help spread awareness about curbing malnutrition and other health conditions which occur because of malnourishment. People need to be made more aware about how nourishing food can help achieve sustainable living. People need to be encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to achieve nutritional deficiencies. It is important to implement national nutrition programs for meeting nutritional requirements of the country. On National Nutrition Week, the idea is to increase awareness about orientation training in health and nutrition.

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