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Health Tips For People Who Are 60 Plus

Health Tips For People Who Are 60 Plus

Just when you are getting used those reading glasses, frequent join pain, fading hair colour and wrinkles you need to pay more attention to your mental as well as physical health. Health is an asset to all of us and hence we should preserve it. Everyone ages in a different way, and lifestyle plays an important role in the way you age. Making the right food choices, physical exercise, regular checkups and of course confidence and optimism can help you get through those years easily.


6 Health tips for those who are 60+;

 1.       Healthy breakfast: It is very important for you to eat a healthy breakfast in the morning. An early morning breakfast kick starts your metabolism, helps you burn calories which eventually helps in weight loss. It also keeps you energetic all day along. Even if you don't have enough time to cook a healthy breakfast in the morning you can eat a leftover chapatti but ensure that you eat something in the morning. You can add a dollop of ghee in it along with some healthy seeds like flax seeds or chia seeds.

2.       Milk: The last thing that you should do before going to bed is drink a cup of warm milk. It will help you relieve you from cramps and other joint pain. As an added benefit you can add a handful of crushed cashews, jaggery or classic white sugar and kesar depending on what you like. This drink will not only ensure a sound sleep but relieve you from the joint pain and severe cramps as well. Also if you are dealing with terrible cramps you can take supplements like vitamin B 12 and vitamin B complex during lunch.

3.       Do not sit for too long: Sitting for long hours at a stretch without any break can have a negative effect on your health. Especially, while watching television you should not sit for more than half an hour.

4.       Afternoon nap: A nap in the afternoon is very essential. Thirty minutes of an afternoon nap will be beneficial for your overall health. Ensure that you are not on phone or not watching television while relaxing.

5.       Dietary changes: You should switch to healthier cooking oils like mustard oil, coconut oil or ground nut oil in your cooking methods. You should also include ghee and nuts like almonds and cashews in your diet. Apart from this you should also have one banana every day. Bananas have all the essential minerals like potassium and vitamin B which will help you cut down swelling in your hands and feet. Additionally it will keep you energetic throughout the day.

6.       Regular physical exercise: It is important to stay active mentally and physically even when you get old. You can go for early morning walks of 30 minutes or jogging, do some yoga or meditation, breathing exercises or may be weight training once a week in the gym. But regular physical exercise is the key to healthy life.


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