Monday, August 6, 2018

Women with diabetes are at greater risk of cancer, a new global review says.

Women with diabetes are at greater risk of cancer, a new global review says.

Researchers from The George Institute for Global Health have found that type 1 and type 2 diabetes can pose additional risk among women as compared to men. It can make them prone to risks of leukemia and cancer. They are at higher risk of mouth, kidney and stomach cancer. These findings state that there is more need to research on how diabetes increases risk of developing cancer. Furthermore, the findings emphasis on the need for more research on how diabetes affects men and women differently. This is the first time that diabetes has been found to be linked with any form of cancer - including the likes of leukemia, stomach, kidney and oral cancer. Diabetes is one of the most common health conditions in India. The incidence of diabetes has doubled in the past 30 years, but medical experts still need to learn a lot about it.

ANI reports that some of the key findings of the study state that women with diabetes are at 27% higher risk of developing cancer as compared to men without diabetes. Among men with diabetes, the risk was 19% higher. It was also found, that diabetes was a risk factor for all major kinds of cancer in specific parts of the body for both men and women.

It was also found that that women suffering from diabetes were 6% more likely to develop cancer, as compared to men with diabetes. Risks of developing kidney cancer were 11%. Risks of oral, stomach and leukemia were found to be 13%, 14% and 15% higher respectively, as compared to men with diabetes.

Risks of liver cancer, however, were found to be 12% lower in women with diabetes as compared to men with diabetes.

For now, it is believed that increased blood glucose may have cancer-causing effects and lead to damage of DNA. As many as 415 million people worldwide are suffering from diabetes across the world. As many as 5 million diabetes deaths are reported every year.

Health coach Luke Coutinho is of the belief that diabetes can be controlled by living a healthy lifestyle. Exercising regularly can be a healthy way to control diabetes. Exercising increases insulin sensitivity of cells.

People with diabetes should also take care of their intake of carbs and sugar. Carbs and sugar are quickly broken down into small sugar molecules. These molecules get absorbed in the blood stream and contribute to an increase in blood sugar levels.

In case you are overweight and suffering from diabetes, make sure you work towards losing weight. Having abdominal fat can cause inflammation and insulin resistance, which can contribute to an increase in diabetes. Weight loss can be achieved by exercising regularly and eating clean and healthy. People with diabetes should also be careful about portion control and avoid eating food in large quantities. Eating too much food in one go can spike blood sugar and levels, thus worsening diabetes.


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