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5 herbs which can help in dissolving uric acid

5 herbs which can help in dissolving uric acid

High levels of uric acid in the body can lead to several diseases. Uric acid increases when we consume foods rich in purine. Accumulation of uric acid can lead to severe problems such as kidney stones and gout. These cause intense pain and inflammation in the body and joints. Hyperuricemia is another medical condition which can be caused because of high production of uric acid in the body. Hyperuricemia can also be caused because of inability of the body to filter out the excess uric acid during urination or excretion. In this post, we share some herbs which can help in preventing or treating hyperuricemia. 

1. Lemon herbs
Vitamin C rich lemon herbs can reduce inflammation in the body by increasing formation of calcium carbonate in the body. Lemon juice can be made using herbs. Lemon juice contains citric acid, an organic substance which can help in dissolving uric acid crystals. It also decreases concentration of uric acid in the body. Vitamin C strengthens the connective tissue and reduces pain in joints. One glass of fresh lemon juice every day can help in dissolving uric acid.
2. Devil's claw (Baghnakh)
Devil's claw is a naturally occurring substance which reduces inflammation in affected areas of the body. It has been proven effective in treating symptoms of various types of arthritis, including gout. Uric acid may be effectively reduced in the blood and be dissolved using devil's claw. Devil's claw is in fact even recommended to those with osteoarthritis. Take this herb according to the instructions of a herbalist.
3. Burdock root (बरडॉक जड़)
Burdock root is a frequently recommended herb for treating acute gout attacks. Burdock root has properties which enable the excess uric acid to pass through the urine. This herb is also very useful to cleanse toxins from the blood and reduce inflammation. Not only is burdock root helpful in dissolving uric acid, it is also helpful in treating gout.
4. Sour black cherries (खट्टे काले चेरी)
Antioxidant rich sour black cherries can help in reducing pain and inflammation caused because of kidney stones and gout. Hence, sour black cherries prove effective in dissolving uric acid. It also reduces the serum level in the acid. These cherries neutralize uric acid crystals and reduce excess amount of uric acid in the body. You can either consume a handful of cherries each day or take a glass of fresh black cherries. Black cherries have proven to reduce gout attacks quite effectively.
5. Alfalfa sprouts (अंकुरित अलफ़लफ़ा)
Extremely rich in vitamins and minerals, alfalfa sprouts help a great deal in the reduction of serum levels in the uric acid. Alfalfa sprouts also improve condition of kidneys, prostate and bladder health. Alfalfa increases the pH levels in the body which then enables it to dissolve uric acid crystals. Alfalfa sprouts are good for treating gout as well. You can consume alfalfa sprouts in the form of salad, or in a sandwich filling, or even as a topping in your meals.

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