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Heart Disease

Heart Disease

Especially coronary artery disease is rampant in India. According to studies, Indians have heart disease almost 10 years earlier as compared to their western counterparts. In coronary artery disease, there is a build-up of plaque, or cholesterol deposits in the artery of the heart causing them to narrow down.

Keeping your heart healthy
Maintaining a healthy weight helps you reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

1.Saturated fat affects blood cholesterol levels, so try to eat less full-fat dairy products, cakes, cookies, pastries and burgers. Replace these with mono-saturated fats such as olive oil.

2.Reducing salt intake can help reduce blood pressure. The recommended level is 6gm a day for an adult.

3.Make exercise a regular part of your life. Each day, do at least 30 minutes of physical activity that raises your heartbeat.

4.Too much fat, especially around the abdomen or waist area, increases the risk for heart disease and stroke. So cut down abdominal fat.

5.Maintaining a healthy weight helps you reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.


High blood pressure
A low level of HDL i.e good cholesterol

Exercise Tips To Prevent Heart Disease

activity such as brisk walking is beneficial when done regularly for a total of 30 minutes or longer 3-6 days a week. There are 3 kinds of exercises that can be done.

They are: Stretching (stay loose) Aerobic (for blood flow and oxygen) Strengthening (toning or building muscles)

The most important exercise for the heart is aerobic exercises. Walking, jogging, running, swimming, dancing and cycling are aerobic. The decision to carry out a physical fitness programme cannot be taken lightly. It requires a life long commitment of time and effort. Exercise must become one of those things that you do without question, like bathing, brushing your teeth. Unless you are convinced of the benefits of fitness and the risks of unfitness, you will not succeed. How often, how long and how hard and what kinds of exercises you do should be determined by what you are trying to accomplish.

Heat Wave Safety Tips 

Slow down - strenuous activities should be reduced, eliminated or rescheduled to the coolest time of the day. Individuals at risk should stay at the coolest available place, not necessarily indoors.

Dress for Summer - lightweight light colored clothing reflects sunlight and heat and helps the body maintain normal temperatures.

Put less fuel on your fires. Foods like proteins that increase metabolic heat production also increase water loss.

Do not drink alcoholic beverages

Do not take salt tablets unless prescribed by a physician. People on salt restricted diet should consult their physicians before increasing the salt intake.

Spend more time in air-conditioned places - air-conditioning at home and other places reduces the danger from heat. If you cannot afford an air-conditioner then spending some time each day in an air-conditioned environment affords some protection.

Don't get too much sun - sunburn makes the job of the heat dissipation that much more difficult.

Drink plenty of water or other non-alcoholic beverages. The body needs water to cool. Persons who have epilepsy or heart, kidney, or liver disease, are on fluid restrictive diets, or have a problem with fluid retention should consult a physician before increasing their consumption of fluids.

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