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Beat Exam Stress: Eat Like A Scholar For Stress-Free Exams

  • Nourish your bodies even better now to achieve your scholarly goals 
  • Good food helps keep your energy levels high 
  • Eating a good breakfast ensures you stay energized through the day 

It's the time for your final exams! Lots to study, and the time just seems to fly. Food is the least important for you right now because your concentration is only on the books. Hang on guys, you need to nourish your bodies even better now to achieve your scholarly goals. You can't max anexam if you are tired, exhausted and tensed. Good food helps keep your energy levels high, it keeps your brain alert and helps you get through those long exam hours. Follow this simple plan to stay on top 
Do Not Skip Breakfast: Our brain uses almost 20% of the energy that we need on a daily basis. Hence, it needs a constant supply of glucose through the day. Eating a good breakfast ensures you stay energized through the day and your vitamins and mineral score gets off to a good start. 

Choose Healthy:There is no one food that will provide all the nutrients you need. So when it comes to healthy eating, variety is the key. One should choose whole grains over refined cereals. Adding colour to your food by choosing a wide array of seasonalvegetables and fruits, and keeping the refined sugars in check can work well. Ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook meals are usually high in fat and low in nutrients, so one should always go fresh. Quick Healthy Meals- Tasty bhi Interesting bhi 

For Breakfast: 
  • Oats, milk with dry fruits, nuts and a fruit 
  • Badammilkwith poha which has vegetables and peanuts 
  • Whole grain toast with egg and milk 
  • Cheese orpaneersandwich with tomato + milk 
  • Palkabesan cheelawith green chutney and thicklassi 
  • Ragi idliwithsambarand coconut chutney 

For Meals: 
  • Mixedveg pulao/chana dal pulao/biryaniwithraita 
  • Paneeror fresh chicken rolls made with homemade roti and vegetables accompanied with a big bowl of curd. 
  • Grilled multigrain bread topped with yellow and red peppers and lots of cheese, accompanied with a glass of freshkanji 
  • Homemade chickenorpaneercutlets with a bowl of fresh fruit and vegetable salad. 
  • A bowl of vegetable soup, peanut butter sandwich and yoghurt. 

Scholarly Snacking: Another important factor that keeps you going is snacks. Eating cakes, cookies, chocolates and sweets may give you a rush of energy but actually leave you flat afterwards. Choose whole fruits, popcorn, steamed corn, yoghurt as snacks. 28 gms or an ounce of nuts and dried fruits, 30gms of the good oldbhuna chana, and of course, 30 gms of roasted peanuts will keep the energy levels up and also provide your body and brain with essential nutrients. 

Hydration Goals: Drink, drink ,drink! Dehydration is known to cause lethargy and makes you feel tired. Keep a bottle of water at your table and carry it into the exam hall if allowed. Other good fluids that you can consume arechaas, fresh nimbu pani,coconut water,kanjietc. Other than this, excessive intake of caffeine can upset blood sugar having a detrimental effect on your concentration level. Also, caffeine is a diuretic, and you don't want to be running to the washroom during your exam. 

Study, Rest And Play:After studying, get adequate rest. 7 hours of night sleep is a must as it is known to improve memory and helps you retain what you studied. Relax for 15-20 minutes before you get ready for sleep. Dance away the stress with your favourite song. 

Success and ability is not dictated by marks alone. Give it your honest best and live happily. This is the most important contribution you can make to your family and the world in general. 
Wish you all the best for your exams! 

(Source NDTV FOOD) 

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