Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Pune air poses health threat to citizens

As per Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune air is posing a threat to the health of citizens as it has 1 micro meter particulate matter in it. These particles of the smallest size directly enter the bodily system, not obstructed by any natural filter.

Mostly caused by emissions from vehicles, PM1 micron particles are the most dangerous of all.
Speaking about the hazards about the polluted air with iamin, Gufran Beig, director, SAFAR, IITM said, "These particles do not have any limit standardized by norms because even the slightest amount is not permissible. Only a tiny amount of PM 1 air particles can be hazardous to health". The 1 micron particle directly harms the respiratory system, either triggering respiratory ailments or increasing allergies and other pre-existing diseases.

IITM officials further added that it is the diesel vehicles which have more adverse effects. "All types of vehicles cause problems. Pune's rising amount of vehicle population is the reason for the increasing rate of air pollution. But 1 litre of diesel amounts to 10 times more air emissions than 1 litre of petrol," Beig said.

While December sees an increase in pollution due to weather conditions, this year, post Diwali, IITM would be concentrating more on tracking the amount of 1micron present. "This time we would be measuring if there is any further increase in the 1micron and 2.5micron in winter," he said. It would track the increase in dust or fine particles in the air post Diwali when pollution levels are high.

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